Monday, January 30, 2012

We want your ideas for the CAA midseason report

We've got our ideas; you read them all the time.

We'd like to hear yours. We're at the halfway point in the CAA. Who's on your first team? Who's the Rookie of the Year? Team that's overachieved? Team that's underachieved?

Who is the most underrated player? We won't ask who your Player of the Year is, though Courtney Hurt must wonder why she has to be doing amazing things at the same time Elena Delle Donne is tearing up the CAA and the NCAA, for that matter.

Also, in making its choices, the CAA considers all stats. We wonder: Should conference-only stats be the guide?

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We'll print your thoughts and ours later this week.


  1. Bracketology/Creme giving CAA lots of respect. But will the NCAA Committee? Assuming Del/JMU/Hofstra make the NCAA, what are the chances of Drexel/UNCW/VCU making the WNIT and WBI? Can you imagine 6 CAA teams in the postseason? It's very exciting and competitive season so far. And I think ODU is doing as well as it can.

    1. The CAA had six teams in the postseason last year (1 NCAA, 5 WNIT) and 7 the year before, so I think the league is in great shape at least 6 this year. The teams you've mentioned will likely all be postseason-bound. You need to have a .500 overall record or better to get an at-large bit to the WNIT, so George Mason (10-10) needs a good second half to be considered, and ODU (7-14), William and Mary (9-11) and Georgia State (6-14) have some serious work to do unless they can win the league tournament. But overall, this should be strong year for postseason bids in the CAA.

  2. Jmu is doing extremely well even after losing 4 big seniors last year...Ill be shocked if they dont make the ncaa tournament. Drexel also surprising me w how good they are....odu is doing well for the young team that they are. Most underrated players are newman and hislop from jmu, lewis from odu and mershon from drexel. Delaware is extremely overrated IMO

  3. Love the comments. Keep 'em coming.

  4. hofstra coach as coach of the year.

    first team - edd, hurt, evans, hislop and take your choice.

  5. Ashley White of ODU as Rookie of the Year.

  6. I feel one of the most underrated players is Tia Lewis. She is a one of the best in the league talent wise without a doubt. Also Evans on Hofstra is an outstanding young woman.

  7. In my opionion a player should be one of the tops in more than one category.With that in mind my list is.
    First Team:
    Delle Donne,Hurt,Evans,Barbour, Moton.
    Second Team:
    Aldridge, Correal,Lewis,Andrews, Hislop
    Third Team:
    Pye, Mershon,Tunstull,Carra, Nacikate?- Even though she is a high scorer, she is not a leader in any other category. Basketball is a game to be played on both ends. I think a player should be a contributer on Offense and Defense and should be one of the top players on their team.

  8. I believe that JMU is performing better than might have been expected considering the four starters that graduated. Generally, Kenny Brooks seems to be able to bring out the best in the young ladies in his program. I feel that VCU has been the most inconsistent and is underperforming given the size, talent and experience they have (led by Barbour and Hurt).
    In most years, Courtney Hurt would be conference player of the year. She is very talented, but has been largely overshadowed by Della-Donne, which is too bad.
    Betz-White is probably the leading contender for Rookie of the Year, but Toia Giggetts is starting to give her "a run" for that recognition. B-W has more opportunity to impress and "rack up stats" since she gets considerably more playing time than Giggetts, because overall the ODU team has less experience and talent than JMU.

    One of the most underrated players is Nicki Newman of JMU. She does not score a lot, but her defense consistently holds the opponents' top scorer well under her average. Check out the job she has done on Della-Donne in the last three meetings as well as on Hurt and Evans. In addition to her defensive prowess she is consistently a top rebounder and usually gets 2-3 steals per game.

    1. She could possibly make the CAA All Defensive team,