Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Richmond excels, Georgetown escapes

They don't give credit for moral victories, and it has to sting that Richmond narrowly missed the kind of top-of-the-resume victory that would have resonated even louder in March when the NCAA selection committee started handing out at-large bids. Still, the Spiders should have left Washington brimming with the confidence that their "A" game can cause problems for just about anyone. Next time, all they need to do is seal the deal.

#12 Georgetown 65, Richmond 64: Not sure who those guys were in Florida last week, but these are Spiders that got us so excited most of November. Styles make fights, and we suspect the Spiders (4-4) may have felt especially comfortable against a Georgetown team that (we think) plays similarly to Richmond. Whatever the case, check out these numbers: 56 percent shooting (63.6 in the first half); 26 points for Brittani Shells; a return-to-form 22 from Abby Oliver (she's scored 20 in her previous three games combined); 10-of-15 shooting from 3-point range.... What a minute, how did they lose? What? Twenty-five turnovers that led to 20 G-town points? Oh. Even with those, the Spiders were up 6 with 6:35 left in the game before the Hoyas (6-1) surged back in front. And they still nearly pulled it out - or rather, Georgetown nearly handed it back - in a crazy final minute that included the Hoyas fouling a 3-point shooting Oliver with a four-point lead and just three seconds to go. Georgetown star Sugar Rodgers, formerly of King's Fork High in Suffolk, led the Hoyas with 22 points and put them ahead for good by banking in a short jumper with 1:05 remaining to make it 63-61. One final note - the game drew just 543 fans. The good folks at Georgetown are sleeping on one heck of a team, and Wednesday night, they missed one heck of a game.

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