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RANDOMNESS with Virginia's Chelsea Shine

RANDOMNESS continues with a delightful chat with Virginia senior Chelsea Shine, who will be one of two seniors (along with Ariana Moorer) honored prior to Friday's game against Wake Forest (6:30 p.m., ESPN3) as part of Senior Night. Shine averages 8.9 ppg, 5.9 rpg and shoots 42 percent from the field. It's hard to imagine another player loving her four years more than Shine, who speaks glowingly of Virginia and Charlottesville.

Big night tonight. Your thoughts?

I get so emotional. I've loved my time here so much. All the experiences that I've had have so hugely impacted who I've become. It's going to be trying tonight to find a balance between the emotion and playing basketball.

One of those experiences was traveling to Vietnam as part of the Coach for College program, a global initiative to promote higher education (Shine and seven other athletes from the ACC made the trip last summer.) Shine's written memories from Virginia's Inside the Huddle include: 

Our room did have air conditioning however,  we got to know the small wildlife very well! Geckos and bugs often became our roommates. The food was surprisingly good. We ate a lot of pork, white rice with every meal, and soup for breakfast! Some of the Vietnamese coaches were calling me "Miss Soy Sauce" by the end of the trip because I used it on everything! I got to experience so many cool things while I was there. I got to see sights I had only dreamed of. And I think I learned more from the kids we worked with than they probably learned from me. 

As you look back on that experience today, what stands out the most?

It's one thing to read about another culture or to talk about another culture, but to be part of it is so eye-opening, so humbling. ... I remember clearly the drive back and forth to the school where we went and seeing a way of life I had never dreamed of for my first 21 years.

What did the experience make you appreciate in this country?

Probably just the simple things in life. I have become more grateful for the things I have. Even education. I look back at the pictures I have on Facebook and the buildings the kids learned in are something not even our homeless would live in.

Your favorite spot in Charlottesville?

I love "The Corner." It's got all these little restaurants and any time of the year you're there, it's fine to be there.

I love this restaurant, "The Flaming Wok."I have great memories of all of us hanging out there -- with my roommates Ariana (Moorer), China (Crosby) and Jazmin Pitts. Plus next door to us are Kelsey Wolfe, Simone Egwu, Lexie Gerson and Ataira Franklin.

You're interested in a career in broadcast?

I've spent a lot of my time doing an internship with WINA, the station that is the Voice of the Cavaliers. (Listen to Shine interview Virginia's Nathan Digregorio about his NFL Draft prospects). In the fall I went to all the (Virginia) football games and did post game interviews with players. I've done some interviews with the baseball and swim team. And I've done some promos and PSAs for our team. Now when I get interviewed, I can see the picture of it on a computer and I can hear the soundbites coming out of my mouth.

What else do you enjoy?

Reading. I love Jodi Picoult, especially "My Sister's Keeper" and "The Pact." I also like Nicholas Sparks.

Movies you never got tired of?

"The Notebook" and "Bridesmaids"

You mentioned shopping, too.

I'm used to (the outlets) close to home (home is Wayne, Pa., never King of Prussia). I like to go to Express Urban Outfitters. I hear they're putting a Buckle in the Charlottesville mall, so maybe it's good I'm graduating.

Was your plan always to attend Virginia?

My top five coming down the stretch were Florida, Miami, Virginia Tech, Boston College and Virginia. When I got here it was  just perfect. Everything was perfect: the area, the education, basketball.

Who do you enjoy watching athletically?

I like the Eagles, Sixers, Flyers and Phillies, but I'm not one of the diehards. I'm probably most familiar with the Phillies. ... I love Michael Jordan and watching him even though he doesn't play anymore. I had these DVDs of when he used to play -- greatest moments and greatest dunks. He's so inspirational.

Your favorite basketball memory?

The win we had earlier this season against Tennessee at John Paul Jones. (Shine led the way for the 69-64 OT win with 18 points, 9 rebounds, 2 assists and 1 block.)

Have you talked to former coach Debbie Ryan this season?

I have a great relationship with her. She's the type of person, if you ever need anything, you don't hesitate to ask. She still supports us. She's not afraid to text us after games.

Three folks you'd like to have dinner with?

Korver in a Sixers jersey
Kyle Korver (currently plays for the Chicago Bulls but used to play for the 76ers), Jennifer Aniston and Princess Diana. An eclectic bunch.

What would you eat?

Sushi at Ten Sushi in Charlottesville.

Do you collect anything?

Notes and letters. I have a box in my room where I keep personal things. I love to go back and look at them. I have a card my grandfather gave me 10 years ago.

Who's coming to support you in the stands for Senior Night.

My mom told me she brought 20 tickets. I've got two sisters coming and a whole bunch of family.

Chelsea with bro Danny

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  1. Seriously -- I appreciate Chelsea's appearance at UVa from day one. She's articulate, gorgeous, athletic & easy on anyone's eyes! But I hope her brother, Danny, is over 25 -- he's quite hot for me to stare at. Please let him be over 25!!