Tuesday, February 14, 2012

This Old Dominion SID known as Hudson is simply the best

Ken Samet, left and Carol

Have you ever been to a sporting event at Old Dominion?

If so, surely Carol Hudson was there. On Saturday the school named the media room in honor of the finest sports information director around.

The announcement was made after Carol's friend Ken Samet presented the Old Dominion Athletic Foundation with a $50,000 check. Hudson, officially the school's Assistant Athletic Director for Communications, attended ODU with Samet. Carol, inducted into the College Sports Information Director of America Hall of Fame in 2010, has worked at ODU for 28 years.

I've known Carol for nearly 25 years. Got a question? Any question, no matter how obscure, say about ODU sailing? Carol knows the answer. He is a walking encyclopedia of Lady Monarch and Monarch sports. I often wonder if he ever leaves the building. Press row doesn't seem the same if his head isn't bouncing, ever so slightly, to whatever tune the ODU band is playing. Don't get me wrong. Carol isn't just listening to music. He's keeping stats, putting out fires, answering questions, greeting fans. What amuses me about him the most is he never, ever seems rattled by any situation. Chances are he's seen it and handled it before.

Sometimes sports info directors are surly. Nobody gets rich doing what can be a thankless job. Many people think, who wouldn't love to sit and watch sports all day every day? That's not what sports information is about. There are epic novels known as notes, media guides, updated statistics and constant questions from the often-surly sportswriter who wants his interview set up right now. In fact, yesterday would be better. There are the coaches who want their sport, and only their sport, to come first. The NCAA makes all sorts of demands when a venue hosts tournament events as ODU does often. Lots of meetings to go to. Lots of internal demands. A few hours after that five-hour bus ride back from Delaware and Carol Hudson is at his desk preparing for the next game.

Carol makes all of that look easy and even better? He always seems like he's having fun. He's never in a bad mood. You need directions to the restroom? He'll help you out. You need an interview on deadline? Give him a call. How many points did Lucienne Berthieu score in 1998-99? Ask Carol.

Can't think of a better guy to name a media room after than the gentleman that is an institution at Old Dominion University.

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  1. A great honor for a great guy, and someone who bleeds ODU Blue!