Friday, January 14, 2011

Delle Donne: the waiting game continues

Thanks to Mel Greenberg and his insightful blog - we're telling you, the guy seems to write even more now than he did during his newspaper days - we pass on this update from Delaware coach Tina Martin on the condition of Elena Delle Donne, who has missed the Blue Hens' last seven games with a nerve affecting her back:

Delle Donne has been going to doctors, who have yet to diagnose her condition officially.

“She went to see more doctors, she had more tests today. We’ll be waiting by Monday, we’re hoping all the test results will be in. But we’ll just wait,” Martin related.

“From day-to-day, some days she feels better than other days but she still feels the same way. She feels like she cannot play.

“A lot of the tests have come back negative and she’s ok, from the different things they’ve looked at – which is good. Which we’re relieved about.

“Until all the tests are through, we sit and we hope. That’s all we can do at this point. And some days are better than other days for her but we have to figure it out and hope for the best,” Martin said.

“She hasn’t been able to do anything on the basketball court. Even if we do figure it out and fix the problem, as they say, it’s going to take her time to get back in shape, it’s going to take her time to get back in the flow. I know she’s anxious to come back and now we’ll see what happens next.

“Now we sit and wait for the test results – trust me it’s been a long wait. We’re waiting – that’s all I can say. She tells me when the doctors’ appointments are. She goes and sees the doctors and then we wait for the results.

“And that’s pretty much how it’s been now for the last three weeks or so since before Christmas.”

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