Sunday, March 21, 2010

They're packin' em in!

This just in - Norfolk is a GREAT women's basketball town. Must be, because there have to be at least 6,000 fans here at the Constant Center for a subregional that doesn't involve Old Dominion.

Of the eight subregional first-round sites on Saturday, only Knoxville (10,922) had in excess of 6,000. All but two (Stanford, 5,645) were at 4,000 or less. And both Stanford and Knoxville (Tennessee) featured the host school. The Lady Vols averaged well over 13,000 per game this season to lead the nation in attendance.

James Madison purple is out in full force throughout the Constant Center, and the UConn mystique is a powerful attraction. But it's not as though there's a ton of people here from Connecticut. No, the bulk of this crowd appears to be South Hampton Roads' folks that simply have women's basketball on the brain.

The NCAA needs to keep bringing its tournament here. The numbers don't lie - with or without Old Dominion.

By the way, UConn leads Southern by 46 with a little under 10 minutes left. The line is 49.

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  1. Swesome, Vicki. Good call.Great to see all that purple ... Wish I could've stayed longer