Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Who's your CAA Player of the Year?

Congratulations to CAA Player of the Year Gabriela Marginean
Congratulations to CAA Player of the Year Elena Delle Donne
Congratulations to CAA Player of the Year Dawn Evans

Anyway you go, you can't go wrong. There is no clear cut choice for CAA Player of the Year whether you choose the Drexel senior forward, the James Madison junior point guard or the Delaware freshman forward/guard/center. One of them will walk away with the award at Wednesday's CAA awards banquet.

Go with the player whose team finished the best? OK. The team that finished the best is Old Dominion. None of these players wears a Lady Monarchs jersey.Drexel and JMU split during the regular season. Delaware didn't beat any of these teams, but in two games versus the Dragons, they lost by a total of two points.

Naismith and Wooden finalists? Check for all three.

Go through the numbers -- conference only -- if you must. You won't find either name behind Delle Donne in any category except 3-pointers made in a game. Evans gets that nod (3.6); EDD is second (2.3). Marginean and Delle Donne don't have solid supporting casts behind them, so both carry their teams every single night. But does any team put a team on her back like Evans? If you need a last-second shot, our money's on Evans, the cover girl for the definition of ice water in her veins.

So who do you like? We go with Delle Donne, who has put together perhaps the best year ever as a freshman and we're talking in the NCAA, not just the CAA. We love Marginean and Evans, but when it comes down to choosing the most complete player, you can't go wrong with Delle Donne. Find her weakness. We can't. She's delivered as billed and her CAA stats only reflect that: scoring (28.1), rebounding (10.1), field-goal percentage (49 percent)(free throw percentage) 91 percent; 3-point percentage (44 percent) blocks (57)and minutes played (38. Neither Evans nor Marginean has better numbers.

Who gets your vote? Remember, there's no wrong answer.

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