Monday, March 14, 2011

JMU question on ESPN chat

ESPN writer Graham Hays answers a fan's question about the Dukes in the NCAA Tournament during Monday night's chat.

Nick (Harrisonburg)

What are your thoughts on James Madison upsetting Oklahoma, and do they have the potential to make a little run in the tournament?
Graham Hays
  (10:13 PM)

Without UVA, it will be interesting to see how well JMU fans travel. Oklahoma is one of those teams whose name I'll spend way too long staring at in filling out a bracket. No idea what to expect. Great coach and some great offensive players, but are they more than that? But sure, JMU, OU, Miami, I think any of the three could get to Dayton.


  1. Darn right Dawn Evans and the Dukes are headed for the second weekend!

  2. what does hays mean "without uva"?

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  4. I believe Hays is referring to attendance. JMU fans can fill this place, which would likely be fairly empty otherwise due to Virginia's absence. That should give the Dukes a boost.