Thursday, March 31, 2011

WNBA discusses Dawn Evans

The WNBA made some of its general managers and coaches available on a pre-draft conference call Thursday, and it didn't take long before James Madison's Dawn Evans became the topic of conversation:

Q: Can you assess James Madison’s Dawn Evans’ strengths and weakness, and how she projects as a professional player? How high or low will she go in the Draft? 

Minnesota Lynx coach Cheryl Reeve: Dawn Evans is a player that’s shown a great ability to score the basketball, a high volume shooter, which is what’s asked of her for that team and she’s taken on that role well. From a size standpoint, there’s probably some concern there, but as a player she’s very talented and will probably get drafted. In general terms, she’ll probably get drafted in the second round.

Q: With her kidney disease, do you see that being a deterrent in taking her?
Reeve: No, if you’re interested in Evans, you’ll do your homework and you’ll learn about what her physical condition is and what the concerns are. Anybody that would take her would not be concerned about that because they would’ve done their homework. 

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