Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Senior moments: James Madison

We asked the head coaches to sum up each of their seniors with one word and explain why they chose that word. Here's what James Madison's Kenny Brooks had to say about the Dukes' four seniors.

Jalissa Taylor
Jalissa has always been known as the mother hen of the group, because she’ll get the shirt off her back to help out a teammate, a motherly-figure and wants to make sure everything goes well with everyone.

Courtney Hamner
Courtney is a beautiful kid, and everything she does exemplifies the word hustle. She goes after everything full speed. I’ve had her for four years and never seen her take a play off, a possession off or a drill off. That’s why she’s out on the floor as much as she is, because she hustles during everything and she’ll make up for her mistakes because she’ll go out and hustle. She’ll run through a wall for you and that’s why she’s helped us become very successful.

Lauren Jimenez
Most people don’t realize
A lot of times you look at her and she looks like this imposing, physical force, an enforcer and mean and in actuality, she’s a big teddy bear. Sometimes the exterior doesn’t match the interior. She can look mean or as an enforcer, but she’s a caring kid, is a great teammate and she’s a big teddy bear. So I want to go give her a hug anytime I see her.

Dawn Evans
It seems that just about everything she does just makes you go wow. Whether it’s a deep 3-pointer, or a great pass, her caring attitude, or her ability to touch so many people, it just makes you go wow. Handling a situation as difficult as hers, a lot of people would run away from it, but she has handled it and attacked it, and it makes me go wow. I’ve said wow after Dawn Evans’ name so many times.

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